Outlaw’s Rubs

Outlaw’s Premier Dry Rub For Pork  spice

This is our original pork rub.  The spices that make up this rub were chosen to naturally complement each other and the Cayenne offers a lasting but most enjoyable little kick to the sweet and tangy combination of flavors.  This is a special rub, which creates a unique taste that compliments the natural flavors of the pork.  This rub will do its job with a light dusting on ribs, Boston Butt, pork chops, any cut of pork regardless of your cooking approach, baking, indirect grilling or on an electrical or wood smoker.  Apply the rub and knead it into the meat for best results.

Outlaw’s Herb Rub

This is a most special rub, totally a product of nature, which makes an incredible contribution to the flavor of pork.